Find The Path To Your Next Session Using Your Smart Phone

How Do I Use It ?

No QR Code Around ?

Install this standalone application.

Background Info

Based on your location and without GPS, you can list the sessions in a nearby room, and if you desire, the application will show you the path to another rooms or another sessions. Here is a sample path:


Actually, any smartphone with a camera and an HTML5-capable browser can utilize these services.

So how is that done without GPS? Well, while you are walking within the SDCC, Marriott, or Hilton, you will find QR codes printed on sheets of paper taped next to the doors of some event rooms. Here is a QR code sample:

QR 41

The above QR code is actually an encoding of a URL that references the room "Exhibit Hall A".

If you have installed a QR code reader application on your smartphone, you can scan this QR code using your smartphone camera, and the reader will recognize the pattern, decode it to obtain a URL, and instruct the local browser to load that URL. Once the page associated with that URL is loaded, all the sessions that are scheduled to take place in that room on that day will be listed. And if you tap on a session, the full description of that session will be displayed.

So, now that you have a starting point, you can select another room, and the application will show you the path to that other room. You can select one of the day's available sessions and get its description, and if you decided to attend that session, the application will show you the path to the room where the session is scheduled to be held. Cool?

Notice the 3D isometric projection so you can see all the floors in all the buildings and the path within the floors. The Marriott is on the left, the SDCC is in the middle, and the Hilton is on the right.

Oh, one more thing. Hold your finger on the screen and drag it to see what happens.

The path finder is wheelchair friendly. Using the application settings, you can specify an option to only use elevators and ramps when traveling between floors.

Last but not least, since we humans are social animals and are always looking for where our friends are, you can share your location via Twitter with your friends. Just enable that feature from the Settings panel. Once enabled, you can launch your favorite Twitter client with a predefined message, and it is up to you to post your updates.

Here are some iPhone applications that you can download and install to decode QR codes:

And here is a list of some iPhone Twitter clients:

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I hope that you will find this application useful, and remember to have fun this week.